What we do

We use Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC) to consistently and predictably correct human body structure. With ABC™ correcting your body structure you will literally find yourself able to do physical activities you have not been able to do in decades. Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC) Is a huge advance in the natural and non surgical correction of human body structure.
Bio = Life so BioStructural = life structure (human bodies), so ABC™ is an advance in the non surgical correction of human body structure!


Painful Conditions

Posture affects and moderates every physiological function from breathing to normal hormonal function. Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse, and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture. The most significant influences are upon respiration, oxygenation and sympathetic function.
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Bodies get bent, twisted, stretched and squashed leading to: heart problems, lung problems, digestion problems, asthma, headaches, hip and back pain, feet, shoulder and knee problems to name just a few.
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Neurological conditions like numbness, tingling, multiple scelerosis, ALS, and nerve pain are often caused by stretched nerves in your spinal cord.
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sitting, sleeping standing

Chairs, car seats, desk chairs, shoes, beds, and everything else, are designed for bodies that are slumped over and bent as yours was before being treated with ABC™. Because those designs are to accommodate bodies stuck in a forward bend, they will tend to force your body forward into a bend.
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Why staying upright without effort is necessary 

When you get your body treated the improved ability of your skeleton to hold you up is due the improvements in the ability of the bones to act together as the lever system they were designed to be. The improvements in body mechanics lead to relieved pain and the ability of your body to regenerate. Your skeleton should stay upright with no muscular effort!

Furthermore, when we try to hold our bodies up using our will and effort, it is tiring, the muscles ache and spasm and it uses precious energy that is needed for life functioning instead. Struggling to hold yourself upright with effort is not the answer. What is the answer is receiving structural correction at Back2Posture so your body will stay upright without effort. As a result, your body functions better, looks better, and you get the health benefits you're looking for

I called Kim Koch at Back 2 Posture and asked her if she could fix my back. She said absolutely. I went to her for a consultation and then an adjustment. I walked out pain free for the first time in more than a year.
— Pam Moses
After 2 months the pain was gone, and I was doing light exercising again (after 9 months of literally doing nothing)! Four months later I was back at the gym and lifting weights.
— Justin