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Altered structural alignment resulting in poor posture causes abnormal pressure and stretching of the nerves and causes tightening of the muscles.

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Back2Posture has successfully worked on elite athletes and others to overcome: - Back Pain - Neck/Shoulder Pain - Sciatica - SI Pain - Focus Problems - Knee Pain


Back2Posture uses a revolutionary technique called Synchronous Testing. This is the physical testing of one part of the structure to determine the effect on the entire structure. It is how I find what to treat and what to avoid treating.


When you get your body treated the improved ability of your skeleton to hold you up is due the improvements in the ability of the bones to act together as the lever system they were designed to be. The improvements in body mechanics lead to relieved pain and the ability of your body to regenerate. Your skeleton should stay upright with no muscular effort!


After struggling for months with sciatica and chronic pain, I had tried EVERYTHING: acupuncture, the chiropractor, ab roller, massage therapy, and none of it worked. The pain got so bad I could barely walk around the block, and couldn't even play soccer with my 2 year old son. Then my friend told me about a treatment called ABC (Advanced BioStructural Correction) and he referred me to Kim Koch in Encinitas, CA. After 2 months the pain was gone, and I was doing light exercising again (after 9 months of literally doing nothing)! Four months later I was back at the gym and lifting weights. Thank you so much Kim for helping me. I feel like you literally saved my life!
~ Justin, Encinitas, CA

"I called Kim Koch at Back 2 Posture and asked her if she could fix my back. She said absolutely. I went to her for a consultation and then an adjustment. I walked out pain free for the first time in more than a year." ~ Pam Moses