Advanced BioStructural Correction™

With ABC™ correction your body structure you will literally find yourself able to do physical activities you have not been able to do in decades.

- That is not hype, it what all our clients, young and old, tell us.

What makes ABC™ different from other modalities?

Two important factors make ABC™ unique from all other forms of body work.

1. The Meninges: 
- The meninges are a tough elastic fibers sheath that covers the spinal cord and brain and also attaches to the bones of the skull and spinal column by elastic ligaments that are generally loose. If the bones in your spine get stuck out of position then you are unable to hold yourself upright which causes an abnormal stretch of spinal cord and meninges. When the spine twists to compensate, the meningeal layers touch and then grow together creating adhesions or scars. When this happens the adhesions prevent spinal motion and keep spine locked in a twisted direction (i.e. Scoliosis). The alignment is off so it causes stretching and pulling of brain stem and meninges. Most people feel this as headaches or tightness around head and eyes or may feel nerve pinching below.

2. Some bones go out of position in directions that you have no muscles with which to pull back into alignment. When this happens you must bend and twist your body so there is no pressure pushing that bone further out of alignment in that direction. You cannot correct bones that have gone forward because there are no muscles pulling posteriorly. All the other bones twisting out of position in directions the body has muscles to pull to realign are left where they are because the body needs them there to compensate for the ones it cannot realign on its own.

Misalignments that the body cannot correct are not where the body feels pain. The body compensates to take pressure off the areas by putting the pressure elsewhere. The elsewhere is where the force accumulates and causes pain.

In my experience, most forms of treatment focus on relieving symptoms may change the bodies configuration and relieve mechanical stress but the spine and body would be in a tighter twist and be some other version of worse overall. Most often, people who are not receiving true structural correction will need to have the same bones adjusted, same muscles massaged or same muscles stretched to relieve a particular pain. 

As your body becomes more stable from correcting the bones that have gone forward in a direction the body cannot correct, the body will retrace (unwind) through its old injuries on the way to getting well again. You will unwind the injury that is causing the most mechanical stress.


Painful Conditions

Altered structural alignment resulting in poor posture not only causes the while body to twist in compensation, affecting all organs, it can cause everything from headaches, neck pain, lower back pain and pain anywhere in between, including all the joints: such as ankles, feet, knees, hips and shoulders. 


Spinal pain, Inflammation, headaches, mood, blood pressure and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture. Your body functions at it's optimal level because every joint is in it's ideal position and every nerve is firing correctly. Having great natural posture gives you unbelievable health and a more pleasant life.


- Neurological conditions like numbness, tingling, multiple scelerosis, ALS, and nerve pain are often caused by stretched nerves in your spinal cord. 

- If the nerve is somewhat stretched an occasional impulse is simply "lost" in the message. When enough impulses are lost from too much stretch, you get symptoms like numbness, tingling, nerve pain, organ dysfunction, headaches, body pain, tenderness and stiffness.

- There are 2 factors that can create abnormal conditions:
1. Abnormal posture such as forward head posture which causes a constant abnormal stretching of the spinal cord and brain stem.
2. When the body becomes twisted (i.e. Scoliosis) there are stuck points, called adhesions that also cause a stretching of the cord.

Poor posture is a part of causing/and or exacerbating the stretching of the spinal cord.

Once the adhesions are leased, the bones that are out of place are adjusted. The result is that people's posture changes in a way that allows them to stand upright without effort.

This change in posture is monumental because it allows a person to release the stretch on the spinal cord, thus restoring normal function, ease of breathing and clearing of the mind.

Musculoskeletal deformities can also be described as altered posture. Most people have some manifestation of altered posture that may adversely affect their health.


sitting, sleeping, standing

Chairs, car seats, desk chairs, shoes, beds, and everything else, are designed for bodies that are slumped over and bent as yours was before being treated with ABC™. Because those designs are to accommodate bodies stuck in a forward bend, they will tend to force your body forward into a bend.

I work closely with all my clients and teach them how to make the appropriate changes so that you will not be forced back into the damaged and damaging position your were in before you started with ABC™. (Yes, those positions damage your body and make you age faster.)