• Introduction to Advanced BioStructural Correction
  • Demonstration

First AppointmenT

One Hour $125

  • Review of Health History
  • Postural Analysis
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • Neurological Testing
  • First Postural Correction

Follow Up Appointments

One 15 Minute Session $70

  • Postural Correction Session
  • Personalized coaching to show you how to handle sitting, sleeping, standing, chairs, car seats, desks and everything else so you will not be forced back into the damaged and damaging position you were in before you started ABC™

Corrective Care Plans Available Below


Corrective Care Plans

Why You Should Invest in Corrective Care (50 sessions)

This package is ideal for the person who wants to correct the cause. Two times a week is ideal for the person who wants to accelerate the unwinding process and to bring about correction in the shortest amount of time. The benefits of this plan kick in around two to four months depending on how complicated your
particular case is.

Corrective Care Package (20 sessions)

This package is ideal for the person who wants symptomatic relief and hasn't had chronic pain or long term history of spinal issues. This works best if the person comes in two times a week for two to four weeks then drops down to one time per week for the remainder of the package


Once you achieved the level of health you desire I recommend that you come in one time a month. In my experience sitting, sleeping, standing, and an active
lifestyle may mess your body up so by coming in once a month you will eliminate having symptoms and prevent the need for long term care.

One Session $70 / Five Sessions $285 / Ten Sessions $550 / Twenty Sessions $1,000 / 60 Sessions $2,500